“Rocky Landscape” Collection

The view of a rocky chain always provides a certain sensation of tranquility, while it reminds us of the cold wind of the winter. In this fall we wanted to launch our “Rocky Landscape” collection, using a beautiful illustration of a majestic rocky valley.

The image, taken in the French Alps, shows an ample succession of mounts and cliffs of a dark gray color, dotted with areas of grove and deep forest. In the background, a clear blue sky almost floods the scene of a cold and calm tone that makes us think of the distant snows.

The area of ​​the Alps is well known all over the world for its excellent ski runs and the confluence of three countries: France, Switzerland and Italy, in a region that has been the scene of major confrontations and migrations. The collection consists of a wide variety of media, among which stand out, especially those who take advantage of the majesty of the scene, such as posters and large covers.

Photo by Andre Cook.

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