Rainbow Strips

Wood and light come together in this image to give us a rainbow full of intensity and bright colors. The rainbow has become a universal symbol of hope and equal opportunity for everyone.

The rainbow has always been a symbol of hope and joy. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy travels “somwhere over the rainbow” to reach a fantasy world where she meets three characters who will help her discover that the most important values are within oneself. In Nordic mythology, Thor and the other inhabitants of Asgard moved from one world to another across the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, guarded by Heimdal.

More recently, the rainbow has been linked to movements to claim the rights of alternative sexual identity groups, implying that there are as many options as there are colours in the rainbow.
We have created this collection of illustrated gifts so that you can make your gift with a touch of elegance, naturalness and simplicity.

Rainbow strips magnetRainbow strips magnet

Rainbow strips computer sleeveRainbow strips computer sleeve

Rainbow strips postcardRainbow strips postcard

Rainbow strips keychainRainbow strips keychain

Rainbow strips wristletRainbow strips wristlet

Rainbow strips tote bagRainbow strips tote bag

Rainbow strips coffee mugRainbow strips coffee mug

Rainbow strips accent pillowRainbow strips accent pillow