“Puente de Triana” Collection

It is the oldest iron bridge in Spain and also one of the most beautiful and emblematic. Built in the middle of the 19th century, it joins the city of Seville with the district of Triana, crossing the river Guadalquivir.

The construction of this bridge served to replace an old bridge of boats that was not enough to cover the needs of the population. For this reason a proposal was made by the French Berdader and Steinacher, similar to the Pont des Saints-Pères, located on the Seine.

This is a fine example of iron architecture, so popular in the nineteenth century, in which large circles that serve at the same time as decorative and structural element. It is important to realize that this solution achieved a light-looking monument, full of holes in its structure, while resistant, as the steel circles are linked to provide stability to the whole. The result is a functional bridge, with more than a century and a half of service, while one of the most beautiful to see at night, as shown by the photograph that serves to decorate this collection of gifts.

Photo by Tato Morales.

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